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Getting things done

Why “Done for you”?

“Done-For-You” is simple:

With a team of highly talented online entrepreneurs, you have a service at hand to get you online FAST and HOLISTICALLY set up!

We will put in place what you need to get your business online, have the automation in place needed and leave you with a mid-and long-term setup so that you can focus on your growth.

Time is precious, so do you really have time enough, to waste months and weeks before you get finally started? I bet you don´t.

This is why “Done-For-You” is here to have your back and get you going ASAP.

To move your business online, there are a lot of steps needed to be taken with a holistic approach from the beginning. We will set you up with a “birds-eye view” and no long-term dependency on us! You deserve to be independent and being focused on creating a lifestyle of freedom in all aspects. Personally, I think otherwise it would contradict my mission & vision, and the overall idea of having an online business.

If you want to find out, what “Done-For-You” services you can get, please go ahead reading on this page. If instead you are already so pumped up, please go ahead and reach out, so that we can discuss what setups you need and how my teams of online talents will help.

#Get the basics

Branding & Sales

Mission & Vision Done-For-You

If you went through a whole branding process with me, we would take some time to put your Mission & Vision together. In “Done-For-You” you just leave the heavy lifting out, and I will get it done.

This is a short way to have some of the most important setups done fast.

You can rest assured that I will only give you what looks perfectly professional and using your tone and voice, even if you had no hands in it.

Customer Avatar Done-For-You

Same as with the Mission & Vision: It gets “Done- For-You”. Having a deep understaning of psycholligy and customer behaviours and therefor will know basically who your customer is after we talked for the first time.

In contrast to you and I going through understanding your avatar/persona in-depth, I will deliver a customer avatar Done-For-You, so you are good to go.

Platform Profiles Done-For-You

We will set up your profiles on all relevant platforms and place your business and services in front of your audience on  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

No worries, we get it done for you!

Sales Profiles & Plattforms Done-For-You

I know you want to sell your services and goods as fast as possible. You need income gaining strategies now!

I know – been there, done that!

You receive a strategy on which platforms to place your offers immediately right now.  This way, you will know immediately where to place your offers and have sales as fast and soon as only possible. Setting up your accounts rounds up this Done-For-You service.

This is a short term strategy.

Mid-Term Strategy Setup

By setting up a mid-term strategy for you, we will look into the future and how your business should develop in the coming 12 to 24 months.

In this case, there is more work we will have to do together, but I am your guide here, walking you through the process, so you can rest assured, that you do not have a blind spot while planning for the future.

Space For Development

Do you want space for your future development? In this case, you need the freedom for your ideas to form and grow with time. Your business setup should support that.

To do that, we will have a long-term strategy done for you, that reflects future moves you might want to take and leaves space for that. or rather it gives reference to that, so that the setups we do now, will leave space for development.

#Kickstart your homepage

Homepage & Funnels

Conversion Focused Homepage Done-For-You

Let´s put it simple: We create and set up your homepage.

In contrast to what an agency would do, we set it up in terms of you moving your business online. So, before we even start, we think of your homepage regarding the settings and pages you will need for an online business – in your individual case.


This can vary from a simple homepage, up to creating a homepage for your online courses or having an online shop running on your page.

This service includes a strategy session, where we will cover more than only basic marketing aspects and work them out with you – including mapping out your homepage and copy.

Landing Page Done-For-You

Oh boy, if only you knew how effective a well designed Landingpage can be when it comes to sales.

Creating a Landingpage from a marketer standpoint is totally different than from a design point of view. You will see and feel the difference!

Sales Page Done-For-You

We will place your offers and services on a sales page, that will blow your customers minds! You will find your marketing much more effective, once having a solid sales page in place. 

Customer Opt-In Done-For-You

Having compelling opt-ins on your pages will increase your chances of sales to 200 per hour speed.

Not only will we put the right one, matching your goal in place, but it will look attractive and be well set up technically.

Newsletter Integration

Whoever said newsletters were dead, was wrong! Newsletters are one of the most important marketing tools to be used. 

It is easy for you to create them yourself, but putting them in the right places and having them technically work well, is our thing. 

In case you need ideas and strategies for your newsletter we can help with that as well.

Freebie Integration

How to create freebies is actually easy. We will take care of where to place them all around your platforms used, and your webpage is one more thing we will take care of. 

If you need help with ideas and strategies for these gifts for your customers, we´ve got you covered. 

Online Store Setup - Physical & Non-Pysical Products

You will not believe, how easy it is to scale a business with an online shop in place. from serving only your local clients and those you can meet on network events, you now can serve basically the whole world. 

You will love it, once we set it up for you. 

Automating Your Acquisition

This is the famously called “building your list”.

With the other services we will put in place for you, one part of it is to make sure, your Prospect list is continuously growing. This works with classic automation techniques we will put in place for you. 

#Kickstart Marketing

Online Marketing

Sales Copy

We will make sure to have the right copy used for web and online marketing, matching your project and business. 

Key Word Research

We do not offer long terms SEO ! But we do provide keyword research for your campaigns, and will also leave you with information on page SEO under control or how to find a provider for your SEO who performs. 

Campaign Strategy

In accordance with your long-term goals, which we will have set up before, you will be provided with a mid-term marketing strategy.

Why only mid-term? Because ideas, businesses and the market change! Campaigns need to be adapted to it constantly, and so we can only work on a mid-term strategy basis.

Autoresponders & Retargeting

Your campaigns get set up with autoresponders and retargeting of your subscribers from the get-go. For maximum effect and most cost-efficiency.


The famous tracking, most agencies will not even talk about when selling you campaigns. With no tracking on place, your campaigns will run poorly, and you will not be able to slowly come up with more detailed ideas about how and where your customers come from. So, with tracking your results, you will understand how to market more effectively.

Analytics & Co.

Google Analytics gets set up professionally in your webpage and campaigns.

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