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With this unique workbook you will learn how to build at least one more income stream to scale your business and income, based on your business model and expertise.

It is only some easy steps…

“I was struggling to raise my revenue based on my service business. Juliana has helped me understand, that there are so many options to get more income, just by transforming my knowledge and expertise into multiple products.”

Jasmin Y.

SEO Expert

“I never understood how all those gurus created that abundance of wealth and income. Once I understood, that I only had to convert my knowledge into digital products everything fell into place for me.”

Shura B.

NLP Coach

“At first, I asked myself: Multiple income streams – what´s that again? The moment the penny dropped, was the moment my head and actions went into production mode.”

Darius B.

IT Engineer

What if…

…You Had Freedom & Stability?

1. Have More Financial Stability

Wouldn’t it be great if you could stop the tedious chase for new 1-on-1 clients, just to get by, but know that revenue is coming in also if you just sell a digital product on autopilot?

2. Gain Local Freedom

Imagine yourself on a plane right now, approaching your “workation” destination, as you are heading to work on building your next digital product wherever and whenever you please.

3. Feel Confident & Empowered

Handing over a business card is a breeze, when you no longer suffer from imposter syndrome, but be super confident about your expertise and products selling on autopilot.

I`m Juliana, your tour-guide to the MIS-Method

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I have found out the hard way, how it feels to having that “freedom seeking personality” yet being bound to 1-on-1 client work, being paid hilariously low hourly-rates, while having invested thousands into my expertise and skill.

During my journey as a business consultant, I always asked myself how to leverage my skills for more revenue,  while helping more people build their brands at the same time.  I also wanted to find a way of building something, that would give me the freedom to just work from wherever I please, whenever I please. 

The stakes were:
1. Earn a stable income
2. Build a business fit for more freedom
3. Help more people, while working less 1-on-1

This is where the MIS-Method was born. With the Multiple-Income-Stream Method, I have uncovered ways by which any small business owner can build multiple products and therefore income streams based on their individual knowledge and expertise.

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Workbook mockup with eight sample pages

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