#This is Juliana

Consultant for

Online Strategies


#This is Juliana

Consultant for

Online Strategies


#This is Juliana

Consultant for

Online Strategies

Hey,I am Juliana Rogers

…recently a customer described me like this: 

“A multi-faceted, multi-lingual, multi-trained multiverse in the shape of a businesswoman, showing up to give all that she has to transform lifes & businesses.”

In short, so you get an idea of what that customer and friend of mine meant:

I trained as a classical dancer, starting at the age of three years. In my early twenties, I trained as a movement & body pedagogue focusing on health and rehabilitation. As from arts alone you do not fill your stomach, in parallel I worked as an Interpreter on international trade shows and some German Ministries. Slowly I started helping international clients to get into German markets besides. As I was raised three-lingual in a half teachers and pedagogue-, half interpreters household, that came naturally to me. Well, the idea and passion for business and economy – we still try to figure out where that was inherited from – lol. So far so good, I hurt myself badly during my dancing and studies, so I had to go about a new career and did a degree in Interpretation and Translations consequently.

As I wanted to keep up with the economy as a player instead of being a service giver, I did a degree in Project Management. And how much I hated it!

Long on behold, it took a while for me to build a solid business, which I started in 2015 out of the many experiences I carried as a freelancer and found myself building an online business, to have all the creative and economical freedom I was looking for.  Subsequently trained in Online Marketing, Copywriting, E-Commerce and finally specialized in Branding.

Long story short: I love learning, I will never give up learning more and my firm belief is, that this is what makes success for me. Every day it is my goal to feed all my facets and personality aspects, as they are an amazing inner team (Google if you never heard about it).

Now is a moment in my life, where I am myself still building certain areas of my own business, some automated, some not. If you want to work with me in terms of your branding and moving your business online, there is no way to automate this kind of creativity and from my side, do wish to do so, as this is a heartfelt job of mine. I show up to bring light into the life of others, and this is how I do this.

Have any more questions?

What can you expect?

Professional consulting to move your business online with strategy

Recently the world was facing times of sudden and major changes. We all were in the same boat. In a boat of abrupt, sudden and unforeseen change, that made us have to rethink. Not only rethink the way we live but even more, the way we do business. For those who are willing to accept change as a chance and willing to adapt, rather than cry over spilt milk, I have an offer to help you navigate through this change in your business. I will help you, move your offline business online, automate it and make your business solid recession-proof.

If you are:

A solopreneur

A consultant

A creative

A speaker

A trainer

A coach

If you consider yourself as:

    ready to build a business with location and time freedom

    wanting to turn your business into a brand

    ready to turn change into the biggest chance you ever had

    wishing to work with ethics and meaning

    being conscious about your business

    feeling that spirituality has an effect on your business

    My Vision

    Having brought light into the life of others by using skill and wisdom, helping to build better and stronger business models. To see people grow strong both personally and in business. Helping the soul behind the business feel safe to show up and find new ways into more life-respecting business models. So that those humans who run the business feel safe and fulfilled and carry further fulfilment and wisdom.

    My Values


    There is no such thing as constant growth, as the demand to personally and professionally keep growing, will trigger an experience of ongoing self-development and lifelong learning. Learning for a lifetime keeps me humble enough, to know, that I do not yet know it all. But makes me strong enough to know, to learn what is needed to do the best I can.


    Exceeding the norm by using creativity as a tool for development. Support the creativity and creative freedom of others and helping them to never have to corrupt their creativity for any reason. Act out my creativity, so that the people I work with will be best supported in an out of the norm manner.


    Promoting people’s autonomy by helping them to grow and discover what they need, to build thriving businesses and lifestyles. Offering products and services that help the idea of being autonomous and free. Keeping my own freedom, to keep the integrity and honesty I am asking from myself. Offering services that will never make customers depend upon my service.


    Being always loyal to my customers, and never corrupt or dismiss agreements and relationships. Loyalty by standing up for others when they can´t, speaking out for those who cannot, acting on behalf of those who cannot act in times of need.


    Keeping never-to-be-corrupted integrity and always stand my ground, even when my ideas are out of the norm. Having the integrity to only do good, speak good and act good and helping others with my honest opinion to keep any harm from them – even by their own actions. 


    Being grateful to work with others in a respectful, meaningful and creative way. And yet, being grateful for the trust I am given by other entrepreneurs so that I can help them to be grateful for the life they create.

    Values & Mission

    My mission is to bring light into the life of others

    Help entrepreneurs to create businesses promoting their autonomy and personal aspirations with holistic approaches to their growth potentials. Seeing Businesses as living entities that help people to express their creativity and ideas to support their personal freedom. Creating long-lasting strategies understanding the need for sustainability in business and life. Respecting the human as an entity made of mind, body and soul – and to find integrated business solutions created with deep knowledge and full spirit.

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