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Build Multiple Income Streams for Your Small Business

Are you ready to take your small business to the next level? Together, we will help you build a strategy with multiple income sources. Explore the freedom and security that comes with it.

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Income Streams

No more finance headaches! Turn your expertise into multiple income streams by productizing your offers and starting to sell on online! Can´t imagine? Wait and see…

Brand Building

Want to be proud of your business? Create the brand with multiple offers & products, that connects with your audience & supports your style and goals for massive impact!


Forget about overhyped & overpriced coaching programs! Instead: discover the one strategy for long-lasting success & growth, to support the freedom you want!

The Small Business Owner

Is this you?

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You have a vision

  • You love working on your own terms
  • You want a business that supports your goals
  • Ultimately, you want a business that provides local freedom
  • You are so ready to invest in your business and take the necessary steps
  • You are not looking for a “get rich quick” thing but want financial stability and freedom in the long run
  • You don’t shy away from taking massive action until things work out the way you envision them
  • You want to be proud of what you have built
  • Your brand should provide for you, and your loved ones
  • You want that feeling of inner peace, stability and serenity
  • You admire those who go for their goals and seem to build success and wealth effortlessly

The truth is...

  • You work too many hours, delivering physical and non physical goods to your customers
  • The income you gain is based on the number of hours you put in
  • Yet, your financial situation is rather unstable
  • You have close to no way of saving up for the future
  • You have no idea how to scale your business
  • You do not have a strategy in place to build more income
  • If you carry on, you will walk into burnout instead of living the life of freedom you wanted
  • The worst-case scenario: Never get sick! Once you don’t work, you don’t earn an income
  • You feel like a total failure and are looking for a guide to help you understand how to make changes to get the results you are looking for

Scale your business

Build Multiple Income Streams Become a Powerhouse!

As a small business owner scaling your business is easier said than done. Most of small businesses got used to “selling their time for money” – meaning when you don´t put your time on the table, you don´t earn an income. And aside from that, holidays and even being sick have the highest cost attached – as you don´t make a penny during these times!

But what if there was a way to change all that?

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing to earn an income while you sleep?
  • Wouldn´t it be a dream come true if you found a way of working smarter, not harder?
  • Do you think it would make a difference to your lifestyle if you could stop worrying about not having enough income?

Imagine you had a business strategy that would free up your time while still earning money without consuming your time. Do you think this would be a nearly impossible dream? Let me assure you, it is possible! 


If you got used to working long hours, only earning when you put in your time to deliver your services & expertise and having to rely on just that one income stream – it is time to change! 

At Juliana Rogers brand & online strategy, we have specialized in helping small businesses use the power of online tools to build multiple income streams based on their knowledge and expertise.

We know you´ve often asked yourself how all those Influencers, Coaches & Consultants on your Social Media feeds create all that abundance. And yes, we know that you´ve been intrigued more than once to book one of those madly expensive offers by some “Guru” who claims to have found the “one-and-only-hot-sauce” that will help you build a “six-figure biz” almost overnight.

We are sorry to tell you, but this is not how things work! Yet, we are not sorry to tell you: You don´t need these people!

Instead, what you really need are the tools and skills to build something that solves your problems instead of creating more. The power of diversification is here. Once you understand that every small business owner can create multiple offers that make sales automatically, you will stop all that self-blame and self-doubt game.  

Transforming your business into a multi-income stream brand will set the foundation for you to build constant growth – aside from selling time for money – PROMISE!

We are here to give you the knowledge and skills you need to start this journey now. It will not come overnight and certainly take massive efforts from your side – but this is how all those “Gurus” did it, too. Taking massive action, getting the skill and knowledge based on which you can start building a thriving and scalable business. Even if you are working solo!


#You´ve got this!

Let´s change this and make your vision come to life:

Step 1: Discovery & Research

During the initial phase, we will discover how to strategize your actions based on your goals & vision. Together we will take a deep dive into how you can give an end to selling time for money!

Step 2: Create Your Blueprint 

It is time to “productize” your offers! Together, we will build a blueprint for your offers, including new income streams. We will map out a step-by-step action plan with digital automation & new products. We will make sure to give you all the necessary tools you need! 

Step 3: Go-to-Market Strategy

Get ready to launch! With your fresh plan and brand, it is time to “Go-to-Market” – show your offers & products, and start building & selling them step by step to build the future you have envisioned.

What to do next?

We suggest:

grab our free download first!

Action Step 1: Subscribe and download our free workbook, so you can start developing your new income stream right away!

Action Step 2: Browse the tools on our RESOURCES page and pick what you need!

Action Step 3: Book a CONSULTATION CALL straight from the link to get your go-to-market strategy set.

Get busy!

    Start with our Multiple Income Stream Workbook



        Client Reviews

        Happy Owners!

        #Sucessfully Navigated

        “Juliana helped me tremendously to see my business from a completely different perspective. With her advice and excellent work, she has taken my company to a completely different level. Her strategies have provided more income. Furthermore,  made my income streams more diverse by opening up new business areas. In addition, everything with a completely new brand and great design.”

        Manfred L., Germany

        Founder, FREDware

        “IMHO, Juliana is a rockstar in business brand strategy. I have worked with dozens of different coaches and consultants in the IT and digital media industry throughout 15+ years of my career. This call set a new value standard and effectiveness in my head, as it was the most effective and valuable consulting I´ve ever had in my life. She is just outstandingly effective Thanks, Juliana.”

        Gid B., Lithuania

        Founder, Benemus.com

        “Juliana is such an honest, decent and reliable person that ended up becoming a great friend. Creative, polite and a fantastic communicator.

        I loved discovering my business from a new angle. It was hard NOT to have fun with Juliana, she is so cool.

        Thanks, thanks, thanks, and thanks again to my dearest Juli!”

        Dano V., Mexico

        Grafic Designer, Freelance

        “Power Girl with lots of energy and a great attitude to professionalism.”

        Dirk O., Germany

        Owner, Ethos Human Recruitment GmbH

        “I am thrilled with Juliana’s services. I would have given up long ago if I hadn’t worked with Juliana. I wanted to earn more income, bring all my creative potential and ideas to life, and build a business that supports all of them. With Juliana, I was able to build four main income streams and brands, which today give me the freedom I was so desperate to find.

        Please, work with her and see for yourself!”

        Agata D., UK

        Founder, Untrained

        “Before I started working with Juliana, my business idea was a mess. What Juliana did: She set me straight! She helped me find who I am, what I stand for and what my purpose is. She gave me a sense of strategy and created a strategy for my business that grew me from zero to one hundred.

        I can never recommend her highly enough. And for sure, I will keep on working with her in the future.”

        Saga B., Spain

        Founder, Saga B. Christ

        “Honest and excellent experience. Juliana Rogers is a top-delivering and experienced Brand Master ready with material and non-material goods for those who seek the best.”

        Brian K., USA

        Founder, BrianKinmminau RE

        “Juliana worked with me on building a target customer profile and competitor analysis for the Be Helpful Podcast. Within no time, Juliana understood what was important to my business and who I aim to serve. Working with Juliana was seamless; she provided clear guidance through the exercise. The final product exceeded my expectations and was easy to understand and digest. I look forward to working with Juliana more in the future!”

        Gboyega A., USA

        Founder, Yencil.com & BeHelpful Podcast

        “Juliana is unbelievable! Not only did she identify a new work field and niche for our business but even more, she moved us from cold calling and nearly no customers to a fully automated online business. She did an amazing job in all aspects and exceeded my biggest expectations.”

        Moritz B., Germany

        Founder, Boris Marketing

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