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#Umbrella Brand Strategy

Business Strategies for the Modern Small Business Owner

The power of diversification and productization for small businesses is the foundation of building wealth & prosperity. Education and holistic strategies are the building stones for success. 

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For small businesses, scaling is hard to achieve as long as you’re only making money when revenue depends on your time investment per client. Not only do you have to acquire an endless loop of clients, but the financial overflow seldomly reflects the hard work you put in.

As long as you continue to earn money only by designing websites, cutting hair, designing logos, consulting clients, etc., your situation will not improve. So please don’t expect different results if you keep doing the same thing – Einstein already knew.

To make things change in your busines, you have to change your actions. Here is a little story for you: There once was a man going to church ever single day, praying to God: “Please, please, please let me win the lottery”. One day Jesus himself came down from the cross and said: “Please, please, please buy a lottery ticket”.

To the point: to achieve more income security, less anxiety about your future and, above all, to generate more income, it is imperative that you start building multiple streams. Ideally, some with automated products. So when it comes to your success, in our opinion there is only one thing that beats any lottery ticket: it is a diversified income strategy based on your skills and knowledge!

We are with you every step of the way


Once you think it would be wise to change your actions, to get different results, we are here to provide guidance along the way. Our thing is to help you find the right approach to scaling your small business.


Sounds fancy, but it´s actually quite simple: Taking action based on a plan leads to the desired results in most cases. Without the plan: good luck, and have a safe trip! Seriously: A sound and holistic business strategy is the basis to achieve one or more goals under uncertain conditions to make the results more certain. We’ll help you create the plan!


Our online workshops and courses help to learn the skills and know-how needed to build a business based on diversified income streams. From building the right web environment to creating digital products. With the right skills and know-how, the sky is the limit!

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If you want to earn more, work less in the long run and build a sustainable strategy for your business, it is time you get in touch with us. We will help you find the right solutions. 

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