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Over the years, we have handpicked the most powerful tools to build a solid business that will boost your marketing, sales and online presence. Pick what´s right for you and uncover how solid your small business will become.

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When getting started on your entrepreneurial journey, you often feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things you have to set up and think about. Once you embark on building multiple income streams, things get even more fiddly.

Finding the software, apps and tools that suit your business and goals can be so overwhelming that some people stop going ahead just because of not knowing what to pick and which way to go.

But: We´ve got your back. On this page, you can find the tools you need – that have been tested by us, so you don´t have to. Be sure to check out all the tools provided; you will love every one of them! *

Stay tuned for updates! This page will get updates frequently, and more tools will be added.

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        Systeme.io Logo

        The Ultimate All-in-One Platform

        Systeme.io is by far the most powerful tool for small businesses to build online-based systems & offers. It is an all-in-one tool, offering tools for newsletter marketing, course building, selling products,  sales funnel builder and much more. Not only that, it saves you thousands of €€€ or $$$ as it replaces all those overhyped and overpriced tools like Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Convertri and others. Try it and thank us later! 

        Payhip Marketing Banner

        Sell digital products the right way!

        PayHip is an e-commerce platform where you can sell more than just digital products. With the WP integration, your own shop pages and many other services, it is the easiest way to start an e-commerce shop, e.g. for your digital downloads & online courses. The best thing is that you can start with no monthly costs and even without your own website, as you you can start using the premade payhip layouts to build product pages.

        Purple Canva Logo

        Free-up Professional Design!

        If you don´t know it yet, there is a tool that will help you create professional designs just like a pro without needing to study for years! For good reasons, Canva.com is one of the most used platforms by pro & non-pro users to create whatever design you are looking for. The investment in the Pro Account is one of the best you can make

        Fiverr Logo with green dot

        Find the right freelancers

        While you try to do most of your business tasks yourself most of the time, sometimes small business owners still need some assistance. Fiverr has grown to be the biggest freelancer platform worldwide and offers services from all kinds of areas. No matter if you need a logo, ad copy, a design or any other service, you will find someone that will just deliver what you are looking for. As time is a very scarce source, you can make more of it by using some freelancer here and there. Make sure to check the Pro Gigs!

        Divi Theme Logo Picture

        The One & Only WordPress Theme

        While using this page, you get a small look into the power of this outstanding WordPress Theme. It offers all you need in one tool, has a one-time payment for a lifetime licence and makes you create elegant and modern webpages without coding or design skills needed. With its over 2000 pre-designed layouts, creating a professionally looking webpage, is at your fingertips without the help of a web designer & developer. 

        black and white Koji logo

        The Best Link-in-Bio Tool Ever!

        When using Instagram, there is an outstanding way to promote and sell your services, using a so-called “link in bio-tool”. Aside from the tool making GDPR compliance simple, as you can link to the imprint page of your webpage, even more important is to take advantage of selling your services directly via the little app. Sell your goods & services, arrange appointments, link to other sources and many more options. There are paid and free versions of Koji, and we highly recommend to even considering moving to Koji if you already use a link in bio tool.

        teachable brand logo

        Most Used Course Platform

        If you want to start selling online courses and sell your knowledge, there a 100 ways to do that. One is to choose a platform provider that will make sure all is running smoothly. If you already know that you want to host your courses on a platform instead of on your own webpage, we think, Teachable is the one and only choice. With Teachable, you can host your courses, start a membership programme and sell your digital products in one place.

        blue Complianz logo

        Easy to use Cookie Plugin

        If you have ever built a webpage, you will know what a pain in the backside it can be to find the right GDPR-compliant cookie plugin that is easy to set up and does not disrupt your webpage as it doesn´t go well with your theme and plugins. With Complianz you will get a cookie plugin that is super easy to set up, is reliable, does not cause any issues on your website and is 100% GDPR compliant. We have tested a plethora and stick to this one for good.

        Marketing Banner for App Sumo and TidyCal

        TidyCal: The one and only!

        Online calendars have become part of the “must-have-toolkit” for every small business owner. If you have the right one, it is a powerful automation tool that will help you offer paid and unpaid meetings while your customers use your calendar to find suitable appointments. One app that is growing in popularity and replacing the good old “Calendly” is “TidyCal” – you can find this used on our webpage, too. And the best is: there is no subscription cost, as you buy it at a no-brainer one-time payment cost.

        Yellow and black appsumo logo

        Evergreen Software Solutions

        App Sumo is a digital platform where owners can both find software solutions they need for their business and sell their own ones, too, using the platform as their sales ground. Find apps and software you did not imagine even existed and make your life easier! Just browse the platform, subscribe to their newsletter and uncover the most gorgeous solutions out there at nobrainer one-time payment cost.

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        *Affiliate Disclaimer

        This page contains affiliate links. While you will not pay more, we will earn a small commission if you purchase one of the endorsed items or services. All the companies endorsed on this page, were hand-picket and tested prior to endorsing them. We strive to only pick products and services, that we think will truly help you build a solid business and have a record of being reliable.